Kilmore Mission in Lagos, Nigeria

The Kilmore Mission in Nigeria was launched in 1983.  Fr Benny Fitzpatrick is a Kilmore priest working in association with St Patrick's Missionary Society in the parish of Amukoko, Lagos, Nigeria.


Message from the Lagos Mission Committee

Last year an article appeared in our local newspaper entitled “Proud to be from Kilmore”.  It was written by Elizabeth Laragy, RTE producer of the Ryan Tubridy Show.  It was about a visit Elizabeth had made to Nigeria where she met Fr Benny Fitzpatrick and witnessed the great work he and the Medical Missionaries of Mary are doing in St Matthew’s Church, Amukoko.  She was amazed at the number of people at St Matthew’s, young and old, who have been helped so much through the generous contribution of the people of Kilmore Diocese in the St Patrick’s Day Collection.

Even among Nigerians, Amukoko is known as one of the most disadvantaged areas of Lagos.  We can be proud that our Irish missionaries working there are doing so much to help the local people.




A recent photograph showing the progress made over the last few months on the new school at Amukoko. 
The building is being constructed with funds generously given by people in Kilmore 



 A photograph of the school building at Amukoko taken a few months ago 


On St Patrick’s Day the people of Kilmore generously supported their mission in Lagos with funds that bring water, food and education to thousands of people.  Fr Benny continues the work of building a new primary and secondary school without any state aid.  He is doing this bit by bit, aided only the financial support he receives from us, the people of Kilmore Diocese.

Not one cent of our contributions is wasted.   The audited accounts of the 2010 collection show that only €250 was spent on administration while a total of €85,450 went directly to a number of practical missionary projects.

Despite the fact that money is tight for us here at home and the recession may be making life difficult for us, we can be assured that it is having a much deeper effect on the people of Amukoko.



The front of St Matthew's Church, Amukoko, Lagos where Fr Benny Fitzpatrick works 



Fr Benny Fitzpatrick at St Matthew's Catholic Church, Amukoko, Lagos



With some parishioners in Amukoko



 St Matthew's Computer College, Amukoko, Lagos, Nigeria


The Medical Missionaries of Mary

St Patrick's Missionary Society, Kiltegan

Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria



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