Following the request of Pope Francis to the Irish bishops to hold a day of prayer for people who have been abused by members of the Church, the Diocese of Kilmore organized a prayer service dedicated to those who have been abused and their families.

The service was held on Good Friday 14th April 2017 in the Cathedral of St Patrick and St Felim, Cavan.  It took the form of ‘Prayer Around the Cross’.  The prayer was for those abused by members of the Church but all were welcome to attend to show support and solidarity. 

This was a diocesan event and each parish had a number of representatives in attendance.  Each parish received a candle, a poster and prayer cards to be placed in a suitable prayer space in the parish Church. It is hoped that during the rest of the year, maybe the first Friday of each month, a special prayer and reference to the prayer space could be made during the liturgy for those who have been abused.

Below see the prayer space in Lisdaran Hospital.