Call to Praise – Thursday 9 April 2020 and every subsequent Thursday for One Hour from 12 noon: 

You are invited to spend one hour in praise on Thursdays beginning on Holy Thursday, 9 April 2020. Obviously we should praise God at other times and at every opportunity – this is simply an exhortation to join together the length and breadth of the nation and beyond and raise our voices in praise as one. 

Stand up and praise!

God has given us a powerful weapon of praise that we might stand up and use it together – don’t let it remain unused in the shadow of fear and anxiety.

When we praise together a spiritual earthquake is released and rivers of living water flow out into the atmosphere. HE is bigger than any circumstance!

He comes “with healing in His wings” to save, restore heal and deliver and to give us the strategy for victory. 

 So shout out His praises together!!

 For He is Lord

This call to praise has been suggested by a National Service Committee member of Charismatic Renewal in Ireland. Please spread the word as widely as possible among your contacts.