Helping Christians respond positively to their Baptismal responsibilities.


Cursillo Movement – Diocese of Kilmore

Cursillo (pronounced Cur see o), a Spanish word meaning “a short course”, is the name given to a lay Catholic Movement that originated in Spain in 1944. The first Cursillo officially sanctioned by the ecclesiastical authorities was held in January 1949. The movement quickly spread around the world after the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.   Members try and live their Christianity in the environments in which they find themselves and by their witness influence others and act as Christian leaven in their homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces.
Cursillo offers a method to help Christians respond positively to their Baptismal responsibilities. Cursillo is not an organisation that you join, it is a world-wide movement within the Catholic Church (and some other Christian denominations have adopted and adapted it to meet their needs). To be part of the Cursillo movement a person attends an introductory three day weekend residential course which is structured carefully to refresh the faith. The course, which is given by lay people, religious and priests, starts on a Thursday evening and finishes on a Sunday afternoon. It is intended to start a person on a lifelong journey with Christ as their companion. It is also intended to remind participants of the great challenge and invitation of our Faith to share the good news of Christ’s love with others. The aim is to help ordinary people make a real difference in the world in which they live, bringing Christ and the Gospel to every area of society.

The Cursillo method offers a proven formula and a support network of friends who meet regularly, encouraging one another and praying together.  This means that, rather than feeling alone and isolated in their efforts, they benefit from a real sense of community and are enabled to persevere as Christians aware of their role in answering Christ’s call to “launch out into the deep”.

The “After” activity of Cursillo (after short weekend course) is known as the “Fourth Day”. In the Cursillo Movement the community spirit is continued after the three day weekend course through the Group Reunion (usually weekly or fortnightly) and Ultreya (Spanish expression meaning “Keep Going” or “Persevere”) which is a reunion of all Groups and Cursillistas (people who have completed the short weekend course) in the Diocese and which are organized on a regular basis. These activities help those who have completed the Cursillo 3-day course persevere as they return to their own places in the world and continue their lives as Christians, faithful to their Baptismal promises. The Cursillo Community, serving Christ and the Church, under the patronage of St Paul, aims to effect real and meaningful change to society by “making friends, being friends and (because it is God’s will) bringing friends to Christ”.

Cursillo began in the Diocese of Kilmore in 2002 and a Cursillo residential weekend course has been held every year since then and has been well received by all who attended.  

For further information about Cursillo in the Diocese of Kilmore or for application form to attend a Cursillo residential weekend course please contact:
Jim Carolan, Secretary to Cursillo Diocesan Secretariat. Tel: 071 9855204     
Fr. John McMahon, Spiritual Director of Kilmore Cursillo, Knockbride, Bailieboro, Co. Cavan. Tel: 042 9660112