1. The Diocesan Pastoral Focus Group will be responsible for promoting, in the Diocese,  the proposals which emerged from the Diocesan Assembly in October 2007.
  2. It will meet approximately four to six times per year from 2009 to 2011 to further this goal.
  3. The following are the proposals, under three headings, which will form the agenda for the focus group:

Focus on Spirituality, Prayer and Liturgy

    • Create space for silence in the Sunday Liturgy
    • Structured prayer for vocations throughout the year
    • Increase the use of para-liturgies and scripture services
    • Focus on more creative liturgies at Sunday Mass in Ordinary Time
    • Organise ‘Deepening Prayer and Spirituality’ courses
    • Encourage congregational singing
    • Host Lectio Divina (Praying with Scripture) sessions

Focus on increasing Lay Involvement 

    • Employ pastoral workers and administrative personnel at cluster level
    • Provide leadership training
    • Train catechists to prepare children and adults for the sacraments
    • Provide ongoing training for Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers of the Word and Pastoral Councils
    • Preparation and planning for parishes and church areas liable to be left without a priest over the next 3 – 5 years

Focus on Youth Ministry  

    • Employ a youth worker in clusters of parishes
    • Organise a youth pilgrimage
    • Undertake a parish social justice initiative
    • Cluster assembly for young people
    • Coffee and movie nights
    • Themed liturgies at cluster level
    • Set a up cycle of care for young people

4. The focus group will consist of the members of the Diocesan Pastoral Team along with fifteen people who will be nominated by the Diocesan Pastoral Council

5. If a member misses three consecutive meetings without explanation they will be deemed to have resigned.

6. The Focus Group will not be limited to the outcomes of the Diocesan Assembly but is free to promote any pastoral initiative it considers necessary within the diocese.

7. A report from the Focus Group will be submitted to the Diocesan Pastoral Council at least once a year.