Through the labour of our hands, we bring God’s blessing upon ourselves and others.


Members of the Kilmore Care of Creation Group and some volunteers carried out a litter clean-up and garden bed makeover at St. Clare’s Convent Chapel, Cavan, recently.

The very flowers which the human eye contemplates and admires are imbued with God’s radiant presence (LS100)

A passionate concern for the protection of our world (LS216)

In the words of Pope Francis; “work is the setting for rich personal growth; creativity, planning, developing our talents, living out our values, relating to others, and giving glory to God.” (LS127).  Admittedly, Christians have not always appropriated and developed the spiritual treasures bestowed by God upon the Church, where the life of the spirit is not dissociated from the body or from nature or from worldly realities, but lived in and with them, in communion with all that surrounds us (LS216).  An ecological spirituality motivates us to a more passionate concern for the protection of our world. The effects of our encounter with Jesus Christ become evident in our relationship with the world around us (LS217).