… Some ideas from the Kilmore Care of Creation Group, Inspired by Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter

LAUDATO SI’ – On Care for Our Common Home




“Learning how to live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously”

(Laudato Si’ 47)


Where possible shop local: If you spend local, you can rest assured that your money is benefiting the local economy.  It will also reduce your carbon footprint and cut down on fuel consumption, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce waste and boost recycling: Set yourself a challenge and refuse to buy products which are excessively packaged. Select products in bottles, cans, corrugated cardboard and other recyclable packaging materials.

Christmas cards and wrapping paper costs trees!  Simply wish someone a Happy Christmas.  Share a Christmas greeting electronically or use an e-card service. Got last year’s cards? Then get creative; you can make new cards from old ones. Search online for tips and ideas.  Not for you? Then donate cards to local charities that will re-use them as a way to raise funds.  Avoid shiny, foiled and plastic wrapping paper.  It can’t be recycled.  Check labels and buy recyclable wrapping paper instead.

Consider making a charity donation: Somewhere safe to sleep, a warm bed, a hot meal; these can be the most important things to someone.

The gift of an indoor living plant:  A spider plant will absorb air pollutants in a room. It increases humidity, absorbs ozone, and is therapeutic.  A snake plant in the bedroom traps toxins during the day and gives out oxygen at night. Both plants are low maintenance, effective against allergies and add life and colour to indoor spaces.