World Communications Day is a worldwide celebration which follows the 1963 decree Inter Mirifica addressing the media of social communications and which was published during the Second Vatican ‎Council.  World Communications Day is now marked annually in most countries on the Sunday before Pentecost Sunday, which this year fell on 13 May.  In some countries, the day is marked as the solemnity of Ascension.

Pope Francis announced the 2018 theme for the 52nd World Communications Day to be: “’The truth will set you free’ (Jn 8:32). Fake news and journalism for peace.”  This year’s message focused on the harmful effects of fake news against journalism for peace.

The first World Communications Day was observed on May 7, 1967, under the pontificate of Blessed Pope Paul VI, who wished to draw attention to the communications media and the enormous power they have for cultural transformation.

Please see below the link to Pope Francis’ 2018 message which was published on 24 January, the feast day of Saint Francis de Sales (1567 – 1622), bishop of Geneva and founder of the Visitation Sisters.  Saint Francis de Sales is the patron saint of writers, editors and journalists.

Message of Pope Francis for the 52nd World Day of Social Communications.