Retrouvaille is the name of a programme designed to help heal and renew marriages. The word

Retrouvaille, simply means ‘rediscovery’. The programme offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage.

Are you:

  • Anxious about your marriage relationship?
  • Feeling lost, alone or bored in your marriage?
  • Feeling disillusioned or distant from your spouse?
  • Experiencing coldness or conflict?
  • Frustrated, hurt or angry with your spouse?
  • Thinking about separation or divorce?
  • Finding that talking about it only makes it worse?
  • Unable to see how to change your situation?

The Retrouvaille programme can help you rediscover each other in a new and positive way. It is for couples who finally realise that the pain and problems in their relationship will not ease unless they are willing to work at it themselves.

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