Canon Mark Lidwill welcomed the Eco-Congregation Shine a Light on Climate Justice Candle at Sunday Service on 16th June 2024 in Urney Church of Ireland, Cavan.  He spoke of the origins of the candle, its meaning and purpose and how we are all called to respond daily to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. Making reference to Mark’s gospel, Canon Mark spoke eloquently of the three lessons that we as disciples of Jesus are called to follow: firstly, to produce in our lives spiritual fruits and Christ-like characteristics, secondly, the need for patience and finally, understanding, acknowledging that we are co-workers in God’s service. 

Creator God, you have generously blessed us with an abundance of gifts in this, your world. Help us to share in that generosity by living in a way that ensures that your gifts will continue to be available for future generationsLead us to transform our lives and the Church to reflect your glory in Creation. Amen.

Canon Mark Lidwill with Patricia Keenan, Kilmore Care of Creation Group