This church was built in 1979 when James McCabe was parish priest. The solemn dedication and opening of St. Mogue’s took place on 19th of August of that year. The architects were John gibbons and Associates and Mr. Joseph McCauley, Dublin. The building contractor was a local man, Mr. James McGovern, Bawnboy.

St. Mogue’s is a modern, homely, comfortable, fan-shaped church with seating accommodation for 450 people approximately. The design highlights the church as the assembly of God’s people around the altar in prayer and worship. It enables the people to relate easily to what is happening in the sanctuary and to each other.
It’s patron Saint is local – St. Mogue. Each year on the feast of St. Mogue, 31st January, people from far and wide come to the church to do their station in honour of the Saint. It is a day of prayer and pilgrimage.

The old church at Kildoagh, which was built in 1796 and which is still standing, is one of the finest examples of a barn church in Ireland.

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